A musical ensemble of men performing an ecstatic devotional song that is essentially close to hearts and the divine awakening in man,
Brings the sacred words of prayer in a rhythmic improvisation that touches the depths of the soul.

Kwali music is a final music that originated in India and Pakistan and some say that its roots go back to the days of the Temple in Jerusalem.

The singing is accompanied by a drum, harmonium, bells and palms.
Musical direction – Yaron Peer.

  • Yaron Peer<.li>
  • Ron Narayan Jyoti Paz<.li>
  • Shai Masala<.li>
  • Shimon Lev Tahor<.li>
  • Ophir Ibn Adam<.li>
  • Raphael Emanuel Ran<.li>
  • Elisaf Bashari<.li>

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