Yaron Pe’er is a fine musician and artist, poet and calligrapher
specializing in ancient instruments, composing of biblical texts, aside to original poetry
Yaron published by now 10 musical albums

In the last years, Yaron creates hebrew Calligraphy in praying flags and other products

here you can find and order from Yaron’s art

My music

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yaron peer

Boutique pennants and calligraphy designed by the artist, musician and creator Yaron Peer. Enlighten the heart, arouse the spirit, heal the mind.
“Letters are the material from which the soul is made”

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My Bands

for you alone

A new instrumental work by the musician Yaron Peer, played with authentic and rare instruments, the melodies were written on an Afghan rabbi.

In a Nutshell

Folk Gujarati songs in Hebrew, some translations, some translations (emotion translations) and some invention .

Sosta – Sis

A unique musical ensemble for receptions and canopy and dance accompaniment at celebrations and events, the ensemble performs traditional and original melodies, singing and musical accompaniment.

The Qawaliya

A musical ensemble of men performing an ecstatic devotional song that is essentially close to hearts and the divine awakening in man.

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